"Forget Everything You Know About Antique Reproduction Furniture." In the furniture business, the term "antique reproductions" can have connotations of mass-produced, cheap furniture that retains little of the charm or spirit of the European or early American pieces that inspired it. Manufacturers might cut corners in detailing or construction, or compromise styling with incongruent modern details. Gabby is different. Launched in 2010 by one of the nation's largest family-owned manufacturers and retailers of outdoor furniture, Summer Classics, we've taken everything we've learned about providing beautiful, well-crafted furniture, and applied it to our line of antique reproductions. Our Unique Finds section also offers individually selected, one-of-a-kind antiques found all over the world. All of our lines start with inspiration. We often modify a found antique or create a drawing from scratch. We also like to source and incorporate unique materials into our pieces, including recycled wood, burlap, antique mirror, or rusted metal. Details include hand-carvings, reclaimed hardware, and multi-layered finishes.